Eye exam

An eye examination is carried out by one of our qualified opticians and usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

Sometimes it can take longer if you need extra tests, but this is to make sure you can see as well as possible. As well as testing your sight, we will check the health of your eyes and look for signs of general health problems.

Your eyes will be examined both outside and inside. This will allow the us to assess the health of your eyes and may identify any other underlying medical problems.

The interior of your eye will be examined using a special torch which shines a light through the pupil allowing a detailed study of the internal structures. Your pupil reflexes will also be tested.

At the end of your eye examination, you optician will advise you the best course of action required. Be it spectacles or contact lenses, our practice offers a wide range of options.

Our qualified dispensing optician will help you select the best lens option be it varifocals or single vision to suit your individual needs.

Optical warehouse also stocks a wide variety of designer brands

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Come on in, and let us look after your eyes while you relax and enjoy a cuppa.

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